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Bible and Menora
A Message From Jon

Blessed Day to my Brothers and Sisters!

Tonight at our Wednesday Night Thru-The-Bible Study I will be teaching Acts 6-7.

In that section, we see Stephen becoming the first martyr in the Church, as well as an intensification of the persecution of Christians there in Jerusalem.

But as it has been well said (Tertullian in 197 A.D.) “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Indeed, the Church grew exponentially during those days.

So... on Monday night at Hope Generation here at Applegate, my son Benjamin shared the latest HopeGen video, and I felt that it powerfully and beautifully brings home the truth about growing in times of persecution/pain.

It’s a short video, only 3 minutes long (my 3 year old Grandson Everett appears as an angel!) and I am certain you will be blessed greatly...and perhaps forward it to folks who are going through some trying times.

Simply click on the embedded video below...and get ready to be blessed!!!


Daily Devotional
July 18
And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9
Like Paul, we ask for help from the Lord. As far as our Father is concerned, however, the purpose of prayer is not that He might give help to us, but that He might give Himself to us.

We want some thing.
The Father says, ‘It’s Someone.’

‘It’s Me you need. You want Me to take away the pain, to solve the problem, to get you out of the situation — but that’s not what you need. You need Me. And the very problem you’re seeking to get away from, the very situation you desire to get out of is the very one which is making you talk to Me, spend time with Me, depend on Me. You’ll be stronger when you’re weak because you’ll have no other choice than to draw strength from Me. You’ll do better when you’re weak because you’ll have to rely on Me.’

This Daily Devotional is an excerpt from the book "A Days Journey" by Pastor Jon. "A Days Journey" is a collection of 365 short devotions from the New Testament.If you would like your own copy of "A Days Journey" you may click here to go to the SearchLight Store.