with Pastor Jon Courson

Bible and Menora
Daily Devotional
October 21
And Moses did as the LORD commanded him: and he took Joshua, and set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation: and he laid his hands upon him, and gave him a charge, as the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses.
Numbers 27:22–23
Called a minister, or servant, of Moses (Joshua 1:1), Joshua played second fiddle to Moses. For forty years, he simply served as number two, faithful in whatever he was to do. “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful,” Paul declared (1 Corinthians 4:2). Many want to be men of faith. But rarer, and perhaps more important, is to be a faithful man. Joshua was just that. And in due season, after forty years of faithfulness, God tapped him on the shoulder.

God does that with us, too. It might take forty years, but if we faithfully plug away at what God has called us to do - big or small, noticed or unnoticed - He will tap us on the shoulder one day and say, “You’ve served faithfully. Now is the time for greater ministry.”

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