with Pastor Jon Courson

Bible and Menora
Daily Devotional
April 1
But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.
Acts 8:40
As a deacon, Philip served tables. In Samaria, he became an evangelist. In Gaza, he was removed from the public arena to minister one-on-one to the Ethiopian eunuch. In Caesarea, he found himself raising a family of four daughters who became prophetesses (Acts 21:9).

Wherever he was, Philip flowed in ministry. I’m sure he was as thrilled serving tables as he was preaching to multitudes; as enthusiastic talking to the Ethiopian eunuch as he was raising daughters to be godly women.

In your walk with the Lord and your work for the Lord, like Philip, you will go through different seasons. There will be times when you’ll wait tables and minister practically. There will be other times when the Lord might use you to speak to multitudes as you minister publicly. Other times, you will work one-on-one as you minister personally. Still other times, you’ll invest in your kids as you minister to your family.

Solomon was right: to everything there is a time and a purpose. Trust the Lord. Go with the flow. Walk with Him one step at a time, and He’ll lead you in paths you could never have imagined.

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